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Who we are

Zendfast is an online technology platform that uses crowdsourcing to connect customers (businesses or individuals) to a wide network of couriers.

Headquartered in Dublin, zendfast offers customers a cost effective, online, and on-demand courier connection service.

Customers are connected to couriers in a fast, secure, friendly, and reliable way through mobile phones, tablets or PCs. Among its many features, the technology offers automated online payment, real time package tracking, mobile phone alerts, delivery confirmation and courier rating.

Connecting Customers to Couriers

What we do for the customer

When a customer requires a package to be delivered, our system notifies the appropriate couriers with the job details allowing one of them to choose to undertake the delivery. The customer is then informed of the courier’s details and when to expect the pickup.

After the package is picked up, the customer and recipient can trace the package on its journey to its destination. Payment for delivery is completed through our secure online automated service when proof of delivery is confirmed.

All our couriers undergo a detailed and thorough vetting process.

Become a customer

Instant Job Notification, Online Payment

What we do for the courier

Becoming a new courier is easy. Simply complete the online form to provide us with your personal, vehicle/bike, and bank details and you can become part of our courier network once the vetting process is complete.

When a job that is appropriate to your stated delivery preferences becomes available, the system will notify you immediately. The courier dashboard will also list all the available jobs allowing couriers to choose the deliveries they want to make.

Our delivery tariff is simple and clear and payment will be made securely online.

Become a courier

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How it works

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Create Job

The customer enters job details including type of delivery (on-demand, same day), approximate size and weight, preferred pickup time and appropriate mode of transport.

Mobile notification

Notify Couriers

All appropriate couriers are notified. Details of courier who chooses to undertake the delivery are sent to the customer. Couriers can also choose deliveries from a list of available jobs.

Secure payment

Make Online Payment

Once delivery is confirmed, the system will make a payment transfer from the customer to Zendfast according the appropriate tariff. Couriers will be sent a regular statement and paid automatically.

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